TRANSport is a non-profit organization dedicated to transporting at-risk transgender individuals outside of the United States of America into a more accepting world.

Meet the staff!

My passion in life is to fully enjoy every day. TRANSport is a way to help others, who just want to enjoy every day, without fear. I am an advocate for anyone that doesn't have a voice. I love sloths, and I am terrified of moths. Go figure...
Founder & Advisor
They provide insight and support to TRANSport. Their passions are gaming, cats and helping people thrive.
Social Media
Our social media manager and general trans activist!
Website Admin
Celeste is our website designer and admin. When not staring at computers for productive purposes, she likes to make techno away from any computers, going thrifting, and staring at the computer while playing video games.
One of our founders. Her main focus for TRANSport is research like emigration laws, asylum requirements, and international resources.
Our founder and face of the organization.